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November 20, 2019
December 4, 2019

Elong Outdoor IAN-1 Arrow 800sp + SpinWing Vanes


Sedozen Arrow Elong Outdoor IAN-1 Pure Carbon 4.2mm 800sp digandingkan dengan SpinWing Vanes. Meletup…..


Pemanah Recurve, Bare Bow boleh dapatkan Arrow ini.

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  • 800sp Elong 4.2mm Pure Carbon Shaft.
  • Qty : 12 pcs = 1 doz
  • 110gn Elong Break-off Steel Point.
  • S/L Elong G-Nock
  • Sepeket SpinWing Vanes Original.
  • Potong Shaft ikut panjang yang diminta.
  • Pemasangan SpinWing Vanes (baki SpinWing diletakkan dalam parcel).
  • Penghantaran By Poslaju.
Weight N/A
Color & Spine

Black, 1000sp, 100gn, S nock, Black, 400sp, 120gn, L nock, Black, 500sp, 120gn, L nock, black, 600sp, 120gn, L nock, Black, 700sp, 110gn, L nock, Black, 800sp, 110gn, L nock, Black, 900sp, 100gn, S nock, Blue, 1000sp, 100gn, S nock, Blue, 400sp, 120gn, L nock, Blue, 500sp, 120gn, L nock, Blue, 600sp, 120gn, L nock, Blue, 700sp, 110gn, L nock, Blue, 800sp, 110gn, L nock, Blue, 900sp, 100gn, S nock, Green, 1000sp, 100gn, S nock, Green, 400sp, 120gn, L nock, Green, 500sp, 120gn, L nock, Green, 600sp, 120gn, L nock, Green, 700sp, 110gn, L nock, Green, 800sp, 110gn, L nock, Green, 900sp, 100gn, S nock, Orange, 1000sp, 100gn, S nock, Orange, 400sp, 120gn, L nock, Orange, 500sp, 120gn, L nock, Orange, 600sp, 120gn, L nock, Orange, 700sp, 110gn, L nock, Orange, 800sp, 110gn, L nock, Orange, 900sp, 100gn, S nock, Purple, 1000sp, 100gn, S nock, Purple, 400sp, 120gn, L nock, Purple, 500sp, 120gn, L nock, Purple, 600sp, 120gn, L nock, Purple, 700sp, 110gn, L nock, Purple, 800sp, 110gn, L nock, Purple, 900sp, 100gn, S nock, White, 1000sp, 100gn, S nock, White, 400sp, 120gn, L nock, White, 500sp, 120gn, L nock, White, 600sp, 120gn, L nock, White, 700sp, 110gn, L nock, White, 800sp, 110gn, L nock, White, 900sp, 100gn, S nock, Yellow, 1000sp, 100gn, S nock, Yellow, 400sp, 120gn, L nock, Yellow, 500sp, 120gn, L nock, Yellow, 600sp, 120gn, L nock, Yellow, 700sp, 110gn, L nock, Yellow, 800sp, 110gn, L nock, Yellow, 900sp, 100gn, S nock


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